Learn! “Make it & Take it” Scarf

Dexter Loves Vists

Dexter Loves Vists

cropped-Yellowbrick-Road-1.jpgMAKE IT & TAKE IT SCARF
Weave on a pre-warped loom! Certainly a fun get together if for only for the experience of weaving and enjoying the company of your friends! Allow 3 hours for a cowl or Mobius 5″ x 30 or 6 hours to make a approx. 5″ wide x 50″ scarf. A wide variety of beautiful fibers will be available for your weft- what you choose to weave with. The fibers are in addition to the $65.00 OR $85 ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED per person class. Schedule and pre-pay with ck, MC or Visa.
2-6 persons..the more the merrier! 2 or more weavers deduct $5 per student.

You can bring your own snacks or I would be happy to provide any of the following options:
2 cheese & cracker tray and made on the spot carrot/blended juice
Fresh herb spread for crackers or bread with fresh herb or fruit tea
Either $10.00 per person

Learn to Warp on your new loom!
We will calculate, measure the warp and get your new loom warped! We warp for a scarf 5″ x 60″. You will weave 5″ and be on your way to weaving on your own! This takes any intimidation out of weaving! $65.00 If you prefer ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED $85.00 PLEASE DISCUSS WHEN SCHEDULING.

Deposit required please $25 per Non refundable. This covers the warp materials, reservation of the loom and time invested in warping. Thank you for understanding! Square payment or ck. jakettler@hotmail.com Subject line Weaving Class or Party.
***Please Note: warping materials, loom prepared per individual requires $25 non refundable deposit. Remaining payment on date set. Thank you

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