Weaving Lessons



Rigid Heddle pattern examples


and sample of a 4 harness draft pattern Monks Belt.

logcabIMG_4145monks finished!


I enjoy teaching measuring warp, & warping on Rigid Heddle Looms, 4 – 8 harness Floor Looms . It is a pleasure to reunite a weaver with their loom or teach a beginning lesson on a Ridgid Heddle Loom.

Beginners have a choice of several lessons:

Warped table loom classes under 3 1/2 hours Great group (2 or more students) Cowl or mobius 5″ wide x 30 or clutch purse 10″ x 18″ woven, easy hand sewing. $65 per not including fiber. If you have a loom bring it warped class is $45.00 (3 or more students discount $5 each).
5 hour scarf class on a pre-warped loom $65.00 5 x up to 60″ long. This is also fun as a group with up to 6 students. Make it an event! Your place or mine or at The Bead Place in Fairview Heights, IL

Purchase a Loom and we will measure warp and warp your loom and have you on your way weaving. 2 – 3 hour class. $65.00 This is a thorough, easy to understand class. \

I make House Calls!  Lets discuss what you would like to learn on your loom if it is not portable.