Freida (2)Freida (2)Jills’ Weavings/the Fiber Finch

Jill Kettler Bio
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Hand Weaving is a very satisfying art. I enjoy the many fibers I weave with. Each thread being repeatedly touched while warping the loom;  contemplating how this particular fiber chosen will weave with the weft I will use. I enjoy weaving start to finish.

Emily warps with a wonderful array of textured fibers and colors, she is known for her love of creating very long scarves. Recently however, Em is creating cowls for families that each need an artistic piece!


I am first invited by color to begin a weaving. The texture of the fiber determines what I will choose to weave.    Favorite shuttles have a feel of a friendly hand-shake. The countless hours and projects made  with these simple tools earns their smoothness like pebbles from a stream.


I enjoy weaving wearable art. I am creating a variety of casual, unique shawls and vests.

I aspire to spin and dye more of my own sheep’s wool to weave small and large tapestries which have inspired me life-long.


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